Building The House, Signature Items, Kids Meals, Shakes and more!


Local Meal Delivery in Des Moines, IA powered by NutriBrain. 



Treat your clients with a healthy and delicious meal. Customize to your liking.





Create and order 8, 10 or 15 chef-prepared meals and have them delivered right to your door. 




Order anything online and get it delivered.



Health House's Legendary Experience

Where has this been all of our lives?

Welcome to Health House FRESH • FOOD • FAST. Our innovative restaurant features succulent meats, fresh organic greens, mix-ins, amazingly tasty sauces, paired with actual healthy protein shakes all at the speed of your decisions! We at Health House, were tired of eating junk food but were too lazy to actually make


something healthy for ourselves! SO BOOM! We decided to make a HEALTHY FAST FOOD restaurant to be HEALTHY, FAST, & most importantly DELICIOUS! At Health House, we offer the freedom of 4 different BASES, 9 different PROTEINS, 32 different MIX-INS, and 8 different SAUCES to make sure you NEVER get bored eating healthy again. OH, and we added a DRIVE-THRU so you don't even have to get out of your car to eat clean!

Health House features our first shop located in Johnston, IA. We provide in-house dining, banquet, catering, carryout, drive-thru, & delivery options. This location is our first of many, but will forever be known as HQ.

What is Poké?

You've probably seen poké bowls on social media, overheard the buzz, or seen them on menus when traveling. So what is the big deal, and what's the appeal? 


For starters, it's pronounced "POH-key," and it means "to slice or cut" into cubes in Hawaiian. Typically referring to chunks of raw, marinated, fish - usually tuna or salmon, which is then tossed over rice and topped with vegetables and soy-packed sauces. The customizable dish is ubiquitous in Hawaii and is finally hitting the mainland! At Health House we took the craze one step further and built our entire menu off of "Poké" cuts and the ability to create your utopia any which way you'd like - even if raw fish isn't your thang!


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